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Looking to glow up your skincare routine? This magic cloth gently exfoliates and softens the skin, reduces inflammation, and increases collagen production all while getting better and softer with each use & wash - which makes it a great addition to your skincare routine.

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100% Organic Face Polishing Cloths


Oil Cleansers. Do not use with Exfoliating scrubs. 

works well with

It is recommended for people of all ages and skin types, especially those with easily irritated, sensitive skin.

who should use it

It can be used daily, morning and night, with light pressure.

how often can you use it

Gently exfoliates, deeply cleanses, and reduces inflammation.

main benefits

Gently exfoliates: Because they’re so soft, you can gently remove the top layer of dead skin which dramatically refines skin texture. And because you’re using your own hands, you're able to determine the perfect amount of exfoliating pressure to keep from damaging your skin.

Increases collagen production: Exfoliation is very effective in breaking down skin cells which increases collagen production in the skin. Collagen can help to reverse signs of skin aging by boosting elasticity in the skin.

Deeply (and gently) cleanses: Unlike high-tech cleansing brushes that can be rough and damaging, muslin cloths are meant to cleanse skin with their soft, woven fabric that eliminates dirt, impurities, and excess oil

Reduces inflammation: The act of gently exfoliating the skin with your hands stimulates the lymphatic system, which increases blood flow and eliminates waste, which can reduce inflammation.

you'll love it because:

Gently massage an oil cleanser on the face. Dampen the polishing cloth and use light pressure in gentle circular motions to wipe away the cleanser until the cloth comes away clean. Can be used wet or dry. Folding the cloth increases softness and decreases pressure. If using a water based cleanser, wet the face and create a lather before wiping the face gently until the cloth comes away clean.

100% Organic Muslin

This product was created with ingredients that were purposely selected for their potency and effectiveness. While I cannot make any medical claims regarding the use of this product, I carefully consider and write formulas that encourage glowing, healthy skin without excess chemicals and unnecessary ingredients. 

Our 100% cotton Muslin facial polishing cloth is made from a multi-layer fabric most popular for baby cloths and blankets because the fabric is so gentle and soft on delicate skin.

These are so in groups of 2 which means you will always have one on hand - one in the washing machine, one in your bathroom!






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Write a Review

Customer Review

You know what really makes a skincare routine feel luxurious?? Having the perfect facecloth to finish the job! This towel is the right combo of exfoliating but also soft; it helps me get off that under-eye mascara without irritating that sensitive skin area. The cloth really pulls together the entire skincare routine!


Luxuriously soft AND exfoliating


United States

Verified Buyer

I did not expect this product to work as well as it did. After using it for 3 days, my skin got smoother. It’s not irritating, yet exfoliates very well.




United States

Verified Buyer

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